Fees – Paris 15th

Fees for 2019-2020 depend on options

Full Time (4 days/week) : 850€ / month  (for 10 months)

Part Time (2 days/week) : 650€ / month  (for 10 months)

School canteen : 130€ / month (monday / tuesday / thursday / friday)

Afterschool childcare : (from 4 to 6 pm : monday / tuesday / thursday / friday) : 14,4€/day

School fees are payable monthly in advance, by direct debit every 5th of the month or with 10 cheques at the beginning of the academic year. The collection will be made every 5th of the month from September to June. Any started trimester will be due.

50%  of the first month fees are to be delivered at the time of registration in order to confirm your registration and it will be held by the school in case of recession.

The school will provide all the pedagogical supplies

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